Greetings from the Clinic Director

Greetings from the Clinic Director

Toshiya Kurotobi

Toshiya Kurotobi

Aiming to be a clinic with full of smiles

Hello, I’m Dr. Toshiya Kurotobi, Director of Namba Kurotobi Heart Clinic. I opened this clinic specializing in cardiovascular and internal medicine in April 2017 with the belief that delivering patient-oriented diagnoses and treatment is a true joy, and such joy should be shared with patients.

When health problems of patients can be relieved and they get better, smiles return to their faces. Their smiles make their family, friends, and our staff smile, too. My goal is a clinic with a comfortable and refreshing space, filled with many smiles.

My greatest pleasure is to see patients become healthy again.

As a doctor, I have noticed that to see patients get better and smile heals my mind and gives me spiritual support, however tired I may be.

The “Heart Clinic” expresses my aspiration to deliver medical services that help cure disease and also heal the mind, in tandem with patients.

One of the features of cardiovascular diseases is that a condition of the mind, such as anxiety or worrying, can develop into physical symptoms. Patients are therefore encouraged as much as possible to try and have a pleasant time in a comfortable environment. I really hope that patients vising us will feel a sense of relief, and think that visiting us is truly the right decision. The “Heart Clinic” signifies my desire to achieve such a heart-easing clinic.

All clinic staff are determined to make the best effort possible for you to become healthy and feel happy, hoping your smile will last for 10, 20 and more years.

Providing the most advanced and optimal diagnoses and treatment of arrhythmias

Since I graduated from medical school, I have been worked as a cardiovascular specialist in clinical sites at major and specialized medical institutions, with the aim of becoming a better doctor for my patients.

When I was a resident, catheter ablation, a treatment to eliminate arrhythmias, was gradually being introduced into clinical practice. On my supervisor’s advice, I opted to pursue the area of this approach. I recall that acquiring the expertise was really tough since no authorized textbooks written in Japanese were available.

The procedure of catheter ablation used to require hard work, taking a long time from morning to evening. I feel that the times have changed greatly since then, as, owing to the accumulated know-how and improvement in the medical devices, it takes only about one hour today.

I find myself having become involved in this treatment for more than 20 years. Since there were not so many arrhythmia clinicians in the Kansai area, I have had many opportunities to be invited by major and specialized hospitals, where I have engaged in more than 5,000 cases of catheter ablation treatment as the chief operator. With that experience, I am confident in recommending this treatment to patients.

My mission is to provide the most advanced and optimal diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias. I will make continued effort to support those suffering from this disorder.

What motivated me to become a doctor?

My childhood experience of receiving a surgical operation made me realize that nothing is more important than recovering from disease and staying healthy. In addition, I became interested in the field of medicine through my elder brother, a pediatrician. He lost his health as a child and aspired to become a doctor. When I asked myself in what way should I contribute to society, I came to believe that working in the medical field was very rewarding. I then decided to become a doctor.

Toshiya Kurotobi
 Namba Kurotobi Heart Clinic



  • Doctor of medicine (Type A: Doctorate through a university program) (Internal medicine, clinical practice)
  • Board certified specialist of The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
  • Board certified specialist of The Japanese Circulation Society
  • Board certified specialist of The Japanese Heart Rhythm Society


  • Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Kozu High School (1986)
  • Graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Mie University (1987-1993)
  • Completed Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University (1996-2000)
  • Osaka University Hospital (1993)
  • Cardiovascular Department, Osaka Police Hospital (1993-1996; 2000-2002)
  • Cardiovascular Medicine, Osaka Minami Medical Center (2002-2004)
  • Cardiovascular Medicine, Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital (2004-2010)
  • Chief, Division of Arrhythmia, Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital (2007)
  • Director, Division of Arrhythmia, Shiroyama Hospital (2010-2017)


  • The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
  • The Japanese Circulation Society
  • Japanese College of Cardiology
  • Japanese Heart Rhythm Society
  • Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • The Japanese Society for Oriental Medicine


  • Asian Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (Faculty)
  • Japanese College of Cardiology (Fellow)
  • Japanese Heart Rhythm Society (Councilor)
  • Japanese Society of Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology (Advisor)
  • Hansin Ablation Research Society (Organizer )
  • Minami-Osaka Arrhythmia Research Society (Organizer)
  • Osaka Clinical Arrhythmia Conference (Organizer)
  • Ise-Shima Catheter Ablation Live (Faculty)
  • Kobe Ablation Live Conference (Faculty)
  • Kansai EP Conference (Secretariat)
  • Joint Conference of Arrhythmia (Secretariat)

Favorite words

  • Ichigo-ichie: Treasure every encounter.
  • Nichinichi-kore-kojitsu: Every day is a good day and precious.
  • Jinnkan-bannji-saiougauma (lit. Everything in life is like the horse of the old man, Sai.): Fortune is unpredictable and changeable.

Academic paper / conference presentation

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Saturday afternoon, Sunday & Public Holidays

※Dr. Kurotobi provides catheter treatment for arrhythmias at affiliated medical institutions on: Tuesday & Wednesday mornings; and Thursday & the third Friday afternoons.

Namba Kurotobi Heart Clinic

10th floor, Namba Front Building (former Namba Hansin Building), 4-7-14 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076

  • 3 minute walk from the Subway Namba Station





10th floor, Namba Front Building (former Namba Hansin Building), 4-7-14 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076

Medical treatment

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • General medicine


10th floor, Namba Front Building (former Namba Hansin Building), 4-7-14 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076

  • 3 minute walk from the Subway Namba Station


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