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Is parking available?

Please use the toll parking in the neighborhood of the building. The building has no parking spaces.

Toll parking in Namba

Where can I receive medicine?

We adopt an external prescription system for medical services provided by health insurance. When you receive a prescription issued by the clinic, hand it over to a drugstore near the clinic or of your choice to receive your medicine.

Drugstores in Namba

Do I need a referral?

In principle, you don’t need a referral. Please visit us directly. If you have a report of a previous health examination, please bring it as a reference.

Consultation for arrhythmias

What if a symptom does not manifest while wearing an electrocardiogram recorder for an extended period of time?

Symptoms do not always indicate a certain disease in a precise manner. It is often the case that no abnormalities are shown on the electrocardiogram recording even though you have a symptom. On the other hand, even though you have no symptoms, obviously serious arrhythmias or angina are shown on the electrocardiogram recording. We regard that having symptoms is a start to finding out a problem. In order to make a diagnosis as accurate as possible, we ask patients to undergo an electrocardiogram examination for an extended period of time.

How curable are arrhythmias by catheter treatment (ablation)?

About 90% or more of arrhythmias are curable, while results vary depending on the type of the disorder.As for patients with atrial fibrillation, 20% to 30% of them are required to undergo two or more catheter treatments.

I am wearing a pacemaker. Is it safe to use a mobile phone?

Mobile phones are said to have no effect on the pacemaker if the phone is 22cm away from the device. However, please make sure to have routine checkups of your pacemaker.

Consultation for cardiovascular/internal medicine

I was notified that my blood pressure is high. Should I take medication?

The blood pressure varies throughout the day and changes by day. If you have a high blood pressure level, it is recommended to measure your blood pressure each day at home. What is important is to improve your lifestyle by managing your diet, weight and exercise. However, people with a heart/kidney disorder or diabetes should take medication to control the blood pressure appropriately.

I was told that there was an abnormality in the electrocardiogram during a routine checkup. What should I do?

It can be serious even though you have no symptoms. Please visit us to see if there is any cardiac abnormality.

My cholesterol levels are high. Do I need treatment?

Cholesterol consists of so-called “good” and “bad” cholesterols, and maintaining a good balance between them is important. When “bad” cholesterol levels are high, treatment is required in some cases as they can cause problems. How to deal with cholesterol depends on your physical constitution and underlying disease. It is said that elderly people should rather have high cholesterol levels in terms of their nutritional status.

Non-insured treatment

How long does the effect of a testosterone injection last?

The effect of this hormone replacement therapy lasts for about 10 to 14 days. So you are required to take an injection about once every two weeks. However, as a long-term hormone treatment may trigger side effects such as prostate disease, impairment of the hepatic function, or an increase in red blood cells, PSA (prostate cancer markers) and blood testing should be taken on a regular basis. Also important is to promote your health by improving your diet and taking physical exercise for the normal production of testosterone.

Is a reservation necessary for a non-insured treatment?

We provide non-insured services during the consultation hours of the clinic, but please make a reservation for an injection therapy.



Saturday afternoon, Sunday & Public Holidays

※Dr. Kurotobi provides catheter treatment for arrhythmias at affiliated medical institutions on: Tuesday & Wednesday mornings; and Thursday & the third Friday afternoons.

Namba Kurotobi Heart Clinic

10th floor, Namba Front Building (former Namba Hansin Building), 4-7-14 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076

  • 3 minute walk from the Subway Namba Station





10th floor, Namba Front Building (former Namba Hansin Building), 4-7-14 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076

Medical treatment

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • General medicine


10th floor, Namba Front Building (former Namba Hansin Building), 4-7-14 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076

  • 3 minute walk from the Subway Namba Station


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Diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias

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